I have been painting house interiors for many many years. I hardly ever use tape because I'm very good at "cutting in" between mouldings and walls, walls and ceilings and moulding and doorways. The secret is knowing how to hold the brush (by the ferrule and not the handle). My father's other workmen used to tease me and call me "Rembrandt."

I do only interior painting. I don't have the very tall ladders for exterior work and my wife won't let me work at height anymore. As far as I'm concerned Benjamin Moore® makes the best paint. It costs a bit more but covers like no other paint. I think I have used just about every brand on the market and I always come back to Benjamin Moore®. Of course, the choice of paint is always up to the client. For instance, a California® paint color may be the perfect one for the client. The best place to find Benjamin Moore® is City Paint (see my links for more information).

I can do wall papering including the removal of old paper and installation of new. Sometimes a painted wall can benefit from a strip of wallpaper at the top.

I also do refinishing of furniture and cabinets. I have a very good eye for matching color and finish. I sometimes have to either mix dyes or cover one dye with another.